About Us

Remember those hauntingly handsome gents that used to live up above you in yer apartment building? You know the ones that used to stomp on you, have late night parties, bum yer cigarettes, flirt incessantly with yer girlfriends, and keep you up at all hours with the headboards banging ? Remember how you hated them, but at the same time wanted to be their friends, or shit, even in some weird way you wanted to be the one getting yer head banged on the bed frame ? Well, thats your own issue dude. Chill the fuck out, cuz Kalri$$ian don’t roll like that. We’re just here to say that those players have a sound and vision that is special. A true story from the streets of the Bay. So, have a fuckin listen and shut up. Lots more amazing shit on the way! Spread the word …